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Dr. Nisha Sundaragopal DMD is a  General Dentist creating smiles to all our patients at the Dental Clinics of Texas. She is an International Dentist graduated from Dental school in India in 2001. Completed her internal Residency in 2002. She has 10 + years of experience in Dentistry. She is a Boston University alumni, Recieved her DMD degree through the  Advanced Standing program from 2009-2011. Since her graduation in US she is been practicing in Texas for four years. She received the outstanding Clinician Award in 2011 at Boston University Goldman School of Dental Medicine. In 2003 she has received the Best Service Doctor award for the state of TN, India. She is very passionate about Dentistry and loves all her patients. With her long last name, her adorable patients made it sweet and short as Dr. Sun. She has enlightened the smiles of many of our patients with good Cosmetic Dentistry performing in-office Bleaching, Veneers, EMAX and Bruxir  Esthetic crowns and Bridges, Clear Braces, etc. She does implants and restores them. She likes kids and pets, herself being a mother of two, she always tries her best to make the little kids who come to the clinic have a pleasant experience. Dr. Sun's first Denture camp was in 2001 where she made complete dentures and partials servicing the nursing homes. Apart from Dentistry she is an artist  and has showcased her art in many art shows. She also likes to teach. Dr. Sun applies art into her Dentistry enhancing esthetics and fixing many smiles and encouraging a happy healthy life.

She is member of the following professional organizations 


American Dental Association (ADA)
DC_ada.jpg    The ADA is the professional association of dentists committed to the public's oral health, ethics, science and professional advancement.

The Greater Houston Dental Society (GHDS)
DC_ghds.jpg    The Greater Houston Dental Society through education, services, and advocacy supports the area's dental profession in providing quality and ethical oral health care. The Greater Houston Dental Society is the local component of the Texas Dental Association (TDA) and the American Dental Association (ADA).
The Texas Dental Association (TDA)
DC_tda.jpg    The Texas Dental Association (TDA), chartered in 1871, is the third largest state dental association in the United States. Currently, the Association has more than 7,700 members and is comprised of 26 component dental societies grouped into four divisions across the state of Texas. The TDA is part of a tripartite affiliation with the American Dental Association as its national representative and its component societies at the local level.


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