The crown of a natural tooth is the section of the tooth that appears above the gum line and is the visible part of the tooth. This crown part is covered by white enamel. When children develop small cavities in their baby teeth, the best thing for a dentist to do is remove the decayed portion and repair the tooth with a filling. However, when children develop severe cavities or unusually large cavities, a higher percentage of their enamel is decayed and there may not be enough of the tooth structure left for a filling to be placed.

As a result, it may become necessary to remove the decayed portion and cover the remaining tooth with a stainless steel crown, will preserve and protect the tooth from further decay.

The primary teeth should be preserved for many reasons, including:
-chewing food
-the development of speech
-maintaining space for the permanent teeth
-guiding the permanent teeth into position & Most important to eliminate the pain!

Here at Dental Clinics of Texas, we offer NuSmile crowns in addition to the traditional stainless steel crowns. While providing the same benefits, the NuSmile crowns are more aesthetically pleasing because the front area is tooth-colored. Please contact our office for more information.